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Some would say I have a hero-worship complex, or that I’m confusing gratitude with love. I don’t think I’m either of those fit what I feel for Axton Manson.

The man is as hot as sin, everyone knows it. He’s the hottest, richest wild bachelor to ever grace the covers for tabloids featuring the rich and famous. Men want to be him, and women what to tame him.
I for one never thought our paths would cross, I knew of him, but how could I ever run into a man like him? New York is a big city. Little did either of us know the night our paths crossed would change the trajectories of our futures.
He saved my life, and for that, I owe him every. Absolutely everything. If it weren’t for me, he would’ve never gone to prison. Our letters would’ve never started. And I would’ve never fallen in love.
He fears what loving me could mean. I’m going to make him see loving me isn’t wrong. I’m meant to be his, and he’s meant to be mine.